VEDAS for transit authorities


Existing fixed schedule-based transport services such as public transport are:

  • Unable to compete with private car ownership due to lack of passenger convenience – vehicles run when schedule wants to not when passengers want to
  • Inflexibly operated without taking actual demand for transport into account – vehicles run on schedule even if there are no passengers
  • Unable to collect passenger travel and usage data for better decision making – there are little to no user-side apps that enable collection of data


Modern Mobility’s Demand Responsive Transport platform – VEDAS – as a tool for organizing transport

  • VEDAS is a platform of apps for passengers, drivers and transport operators that as part of its core value enables demand-responsive mobility in domains where transport is currently operated by fixed schedules
  • Due to it’s demand responsiveness VEDAS enables savings on operating costs for transport organisations by removing inefficient rides from existing routes
  • VEDAS provides convenience for passengers as it enables them to capture rides when passengers want to ride rather than when transport is scheduled by transport operators
  • Demand responsive public transport (DRT) is 25% faster for passengers due to removal of empty rides. As a result it is a viable competitor to private car ownership
  • VEDAS enables collection and commercializes usage data in mobility domains where there currently is no data capturing. As such it provides opportunities for data-driven decision making in such industries eg public transport

Advantages of VEDAS:

  • Super-low barriers for expansion
  • Integration opportunity with PT services (ticketing, routing)
  • Fully automated processes and product
  • Agile, adaptive and flexible company
  • Partnership and client-based product development philosophy