VEDAS for riders


The VEDAS software platform allows you to use public transport exactly to your needs! If in the past a person depended on a bus, now a bus depends on a person – all you have to do is tell when and where you want to go, and the VEDAS software algorithms will find the most suitable solution! Currently, the service can be used in Saaremaa and Tartu.

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Don’t have a smartphone or internet access? No problem, VEDAS service can also be ordered by phone call, through the dispatcher!


VEDAS Saaremaa, order or dial +372 5400 0120

Saaremaa Parish was the first local government in Estonia to start developing a new large-scale demand-driven transport service (DRT) model, VEDAS.

VEDAS Tartu, order or dial 1789

As of January 10, 2022, the Tartu County Public Transport Center stopped servicing county lines 103 and 108, and passengers can use the demand line service running on the same route.